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Being somewhere may be random or intentional. It may be a choice or a circumstance, it may be just for a little while or for a long time. However, what connects us to the spaces we occupy is our ability to observe, listen and describe them. In this 3-hour workshop we will take Nicosia’s Old City as our focus and locus and immerse ourselves in it—absorbing it and interpreting it and picking up the trail that it leaves within us or the traces that our passage leaves there. Through reading and discussion of short texts and actual on-site writing, participants will learn how to observe and describe the spaces they inhabit more fully and meaningfully and how to communicate those experiences to others through different kinds of written texts.

Gaia Zaccagni (Milan 1972) deals with Byzantine, Modern Greek and Italian literature. She has taught Modern Greek Language and Literature at the Universities of Italy (Rome, Venice, Bari, Trieste) and at the University of Cyprus in Nicosia, where she has been permanently living for the past five years. She has worked on the critical edition of Southern Italy hagiographical texts (Rome 1997) and on a part of the omiletic work of Philagatus Kerameus (1999, 2010). She has also published a collection of essays Luoghi, parole e ritmi dalla Grecia moderna (Edizioni Nuova Cultura 2007) and numerous articles in academic journals. She also deals with literary and theatrical translation and the theoretical and practical study of traditional music, her main interest being the world of rebetiko. She writes poems in Italian and Greek. Her poems have been published in the literary magazines Storie (Issue 21, 1996) and Ylandron (2003). Her poetry collections include: Una poesia (Pulcino Elefante, Osnago 1997), Anemoskorpismata-Sparse nel vento (Nuova Cultura, 2007), En plo panta kleisti, ed. Melani (Athens 2014) and Erbario d'aprile- suite cipriota (self-published in 100 copies, typ. Kemanes, Nicosia 2016).

Translation is not a formalistic play with the language of the other, it is the transfer from one type of culture to another. The words, their sound, their touch, their body. Coming from another dimension, outside of the space-time in which we often experience. They gain weight, material. They are nailed down. Until they mutate and get lost in the air.
— Gaia Zacagni (preface to metAMORphrasis)

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