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For many of us the writing process ends with the written page. This 3-hour workshop explores the next step: performance and the “live” experience. We will discuss the nature of performance and how to improve performance skills, while also looking at the post-performance stage, covering an array of ways to release and publish poems and songs independently. We will approach this exciting new dimension of the creative process through demonstrations of Dub and Acoustic Poetry, discussion and sharing. Participants should bring their work with them to perform, share and discuss. Instruction is in English.

At the age of 14 I started questioning the staleness of just writing words on paper and getting them published. How to make words come to life has been on my mind ever since.
— Haji Mike

Haji Mike is a poet, recording artist, DJ and Associate Professor in Communications at the University of Nicosia. Making music as an independent artist since 1990 resulted in his returning from England to Cyprus, where he pioneered a unique musical fusion way ahead of its time. Since then he has made another 7 CDs, all independent releases, and toured in many countries such as England, the US, Ireland, Greece, South Africa and Portugal. Haji Mike has collaborated with artists and producers around the world, including Standout Selector (PSM/USA), Simon Booth (UK), Imiskoubria (DefJam/Greece), Lia Vissy (Cyprus/Greece), Izit (UK), Bandulu Dub (Portugal), THC Records (Greece), Mike Minas (Cyprus), Dub Caravan (UK/Palestine), Direct Impact (Japan) and Al Breadwinner (UK). His work has been included in poetry anthologies in Cyprus, UK and Hungary and he has participated as a guest speaker in a variety of countries at key academic/artistic events over the last two decades. Haji Mike also presents weekly radio shows on various net stations around the world. In late April 2016 he will be appearing in Greece, at the legendary Red Sea Reggae House, and in Jamaica at the international ‘DiS Poem’ Festival, curated by the mighty Dub Poet Mutabaruka.

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