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Poetry Workshops at Write CY

This poetry workshop led by poet Evdokia Charalampous will guide our writing towards a detached exploration of memory. Using the work of contemporary poets like Jana Prikryl and Jennifer L. Knox as examples, we’ll see how to make our poetry emotionally direct rather than sentimental and why an emotional detachment on the part of the poet can facilitate the delivery of more evocative expression. 

Specifically, we'll be looking at: what makes poetry different from other types of writing and what poetry can express better; why memory is an important creative device; why it’s important for poets to keep a distance from their writing and how that distance can be achieved, and in what ways a poem is defined by its structure

This workshop is in English but participants can also write in Greek. The cost is €10. If you register but for any reason can't attend, please let us know at least 3 days before the event.

Evdokia Charalampous grew up in Athienou, Cyprus and completed her MA in Creative Writing at the University of Portsmouth. Her poems have been published in The Poetry Review, The London Magazine, and elsewhere. She has written reviews for art exhibitions, music and film for websites like Being Human, the official website for the British Festival of the Humanities. She also worked in Aspex gallery as an art workshop leader for preschool children and as a storytelling workshop leader for teens and pre-teens.