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Join us at Prozak Kafeneio on May 21, 2016 8-11PM for live stories, poetry, memoir, music and more. What do we mean by "more"? Not a guest appearance by Peter Wyngarde (above), that's for sure, but just about anything else.

Open Mic 4 will be featuring 10 storytellers chosen from a hat with an interlude where anyone can read anything (within limits.) What do we mean by "within limits"? Well, look at Peter Wyngarde's moustache (above.) Would you wear it? That's kind of what we mean. Anything goes, folks, but nothing in bad taste.

We wonder: will reigning champion James Mackay return to defend his title? And claim his 3 free drinks? Will Marilena Zackheos appear in her fluffy red Write CY house slippers? What will the prizes be this time? Will we hear some stories in Cypriot? The suspense thickens.

Drop by to find out. 

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