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Will it be The Dragon That Only Used Peppermint Toothpaste or Michalis and the Lollipop Tree? At Write CY we've been batting around ideas for our first storytelling workshop for kids—KIDS TELL STORIES—but we haven't arrived at anything yet. But it's sure been fun getting there. We can't wait to tell our story and we can't wait to hear the little ones telling theirs.

This isn't something we can invite you to, because it's for the 5-year-olds of Elenion Elementary School, but it's something we'd like you to know about in case you're a parent or children's organization and you're looking for something similar.

KIDS TELL STORIES will be happening at Write CY Thursday 3 November, 2016 10-11AM in Greek, hopefully the first of many such workshops in both Greek and English.

Thanks to Elena Djiambazi at Elenion for agreeing to do this and for training the little ones a before they march across the moat.

If you're interested in organizing a storytelling workshop for kids age 5-10, contact Max at or call 22105099.