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Story Craft

The story behind short story writing


We all tell stories, but when we sit down to write one, often the words don't flow. Usually this isn't a question of talent or inspiration, but simply of knowing how to proceed. Story Craft focuses on the practical aspects of the storytelling process that will help you shape gripping, fully developed short stories. Our intimate 2-hour classes meet once a week for 8 weeks, offering writers a supportive environment where they can explore and workshop their writing with weekly feedback from peers and the instructor.

Story Craft will be running for 4 weeks in December 2017 at the Nicosia Pop Up Festival. The course may be taken as a progression or as individual one-off classes. For more information, please visit the event page.


AGE: 17+


COST: €10 per workshop


All writers registered in Story Craft will also have access to Story Craft Online, a virtual resource that complements the course with links to articles, videos and further reading. Check out the first class here.


"Participating in Story Craft was an amazing experience which proves that given the right building blocks anyone can learn how to structure and deliver captivating stories."

Marios Evripidou • Business Analyst

"Story Craft has not only changed the way I write, but also the way I read and analyze books. This is a lesson which will stay with me forever, I think."

Sophia Archontis • Student

"I’ve always enjoyed writing and felt this was a way of taking it to the next level. Max’s teaching style and expertise were inspiring and helped focus my ideas. I wish it didn't have to end."

Nichola Bridger • Interior Designer

"Everyone is creative. But sometimes you just need a little push. And that’s what this course is about. Story Craft is a 'sacred space' that enables people to dive into the world of literary creation."

Erik Fahmi • Press Officer & Psychonaut



Max has taught short fiction and storytelling workshops at European University Cyprus, the English School, the American Academy in Nicosia, the Junior School, King Richard School in Larnaca, Elenion Nursery School, and at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation's Book Me Festival. At Write CY, he also teaches Story Craft Junior, a creative writing course for teens, and Creative Blogging, a course on creative web content writing. Max's short fiction has appeared in a number of publications in the US, UK and elsewhere. His novel Dillo is available from Shotgun Honey. When he's not at Write CY, Max co-directs Storyline Creatives, where he helps other people tell their stories. Talk to Max at


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