WRITE CY Stories

Stories about and by local storytellers


If you've made it here, I guess you're wondering what sort of cleverness we're getting up to. The idea is actually simple, and just means joining people who like to make things (you and me) with people who like to bring things into the public eye (publishers, producers, retailers, etc.)

Making things is fun, but it’s even better when you know there’s a venue, audience or market for what you’ve made—and you can connect with it.

For example, take our new course in short film by local filmmaker Soteris Christou (No Parking, First Love, Small White Envelopes). The idea to give first-time scriptwriters the skills and motivation they need to start writing their first short films is good, and doable, in 10 weeks. But it would be even better if those scriptwriters could show their work to someone in the industry when they're done. Our idea: arrange a 3-hour session at the end of the course where our scriptwriters can pitch their scripts to local film producers. 

It's the same principle behind the comic books we produced for Cyprus Comic Con, and the same idea behind Cyplit, an Anthology of New Cypriot Writing, and the Write CY Open Mic Nights. Making things is fun, but it's even better when you know there's a venue, audience or market for what you've made—and you can connect with it.

Sound good to you? See what we're up to this fall then and get involved in one of our courses, workshops or projects.