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Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words. Other times titles say it all. Enjoy our favorite performance of Open Mic Night 16 and say goodbye to every wishy-washy literary invocation of Saint Nick you ever read or heard. Because Kimberly Ioannou smashes them all to bits.

Max Sheridan, Director Write CY


An issue that’s been on my mind ever since my teen years is “Why is Christmas the best time of the year?” Guiltily, I do enjoy the atmosphere and the warm colours in contrast to the cold and wet Cypriot weather, but ever since I lost my faith in organised religion, I’ve felt a little more skeptical about the holidays. Christmas is only the best time of the year for those who can afford to spend money. An anger within me has also been building up around the issue that in the West, we’re enjoying the “most wonderful time of the year”, while major problems in humanity are rampant everywhere else. Where’s the Christmas miracle for the rest of humanity?

Kimberly Ioannou

Christmas is only the best time of the year for those who can afford to spend money.
— Kimberly Ioannou

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Born on the 28th of September 1996 and raised in Limassol, Cyprus, by my Cypriot father and my German mother, I was named Kimberly Ioannou. Having attended a private English school, I was able to fluently learn three languages and have practiced them for as long as I can remember. I am extremely grateful for that asset of my personality since it has helped me understand stories in different languages from various cultural perspectives. I’ve always been absolutely infatuated with a love for creative storytelling and I discovered that while writing short narratives as a child. I evolved that hobby into poetry later, as a teenager, and have been writing and reading whenever I get the chance to since then. I found it has helped me cope and understand many emotions, both my own and others. I’ve also explored storytelling in other methods, mainly through the lens of a camera, capturing both still and moving images. As a media student with a concentration in film, I hope to one day combine the art of language and images to tell my own stories and convey messages dear to my heart in hopes to start conversations I find necessary in today’s society.