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Pain is one of the most universal experiences of the human condition. Be it physical or emotional, it’s a poignant sensation that reminds us that we’re alive.
— Sofia Imas

Two weeks ago Sofia Imas performed this original song at Open Mic 13 and blew us all away. We've managed to salvage most of it from the Zoom, but the recording is still very raw and unplugged, which is kind of the way we like it. Please give the audio a moment to load.


Pain is one of the most universal experiences of the human condition. Be it physical or emotional, it’s a poignant sensation that reminds us that we’re alive. And yet, it’s something that we avoid as much as possible. My Pain is My Own is an exploration of this sensation from the perspective of pain as a navigator through life, a pathway to a deeper understanding of life and a trigger for the revelation of the true essence in a human being. The song was written out of pain, but through this musical journey, I hope that the listener might come to see this common experience through different eyes and a different heart—as a different being who accepts and embraces pain as a means to overcome it, and ultimately, connects ever more deeply to their humanity. This song is set to be part of my first collection of released work.

—Sofia Imas


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Sofia Imas is a polyglot, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Toronto, Canada. She began her musical journey early on, initially as a student of classical piano and then violin. At the age of 16, she interrupted her musical studies, with no intention to pursue music professionally. In the next few years, she focused on creative writing, winning top places in several francophone writing competitions in Toronto (Mordus des Mots 2012, Mordus des Mots 2013, Les Zinspires 2013) and leading a creative writing initiative in her community in both French and English. After completing her high school studies, Sofia relocated to Tel Aviv, Israel, to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in conflict resolution and diplomacy at the prestigious IDC Herzliya, aspiring to eventually bring people together through a career in conflict resolution. At IDC Herzliya, she worked for the NoCamels.com innovation newspaper as a staff writer and was the co-host and producer of the NewsStand radio show, where she was able to further explore her interests in current affairs and mediation. However, during her studies, she rediscovered her passion for music by teaching herself the guitar and quickly began writing songs. In songwriting, she found a way to fuse her love of writing, music and bringing people together into one and immediately understood that this was her vocation. After graduating from university, Sofia began performing in Israeli music venues and festivals, but left the country in 2018 to manage and participate in an alternative wellness project in Cyprus. She independently and unofficially released three home studio recordings between 2016-2018. Currently, Sofia is working on the recording and production of her first collection of songs. 


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