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King Dump and the Great Dinosaur Ban


Dump is an angry T-Rex with a tiny brain and hands who has made himself King of Dinosaur Land. When Dump kicks all the other dinosaurs out of Dinosaur Land, (except the dinosaurs whose names begin with—you guessed it—T) to create more jobs and food, Dinosaur Land becomes a very boring place.

King Dump and the Great Dinosaur Ban is a bedtime story that teaches children inclusiveness and open-mindedness. The full story is available online from Dragon Toothpaste Stories. Read the beginning here.


Once upon a time there was a big angry dinosaur named King Dump. King Dump was a T-Rex, which meant he had a big body and a big head, but small hands and a small brain.

King Dump had oodles of money because his father Dump Senior had had oodles of money. The Dumps owned restaurants and gas stations and buses and towers and hotels and golf courses, (but mainly hotels and golf courses.) King Dump made so much money that one day he decided to be king. Being a Dump, he became king.

All kings have lands that they’re the kings of. King Dump had Dinosaur Land. Many of you know that at that time, millions of years ago, the continents weren’t separated. They were all stuck together like a big ball of playdough so you could travel from Timbuktu to Alaska just by walking if you wanted.

Which is what all the dinosaurs did, many many many years ago. They walked past oceans and mountains and volcanoes and tar pits, eventually ending up in Dinosaur Land.

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right to be thinking it.

Back then Dinosaur Land wasn’t what it is today. It had the most food and the most jobs and it was the safest place in the whole world for a dinosaur to live.

And so yellow dinosaurs and red dinosaurs and green dinosaurs and purple dinosaurs and orange dinosaurs and big dinosaurs and short dinosaurs and dinosaurs that roared and dinosaurs that squeaked and dinosaurs that flew and dinosaurs that hid in the bushes and clever dinosaurs and dinosaurs with pea brains, like King Dump and all the Dumps before him, lived together happily ever after.

Until one day, when Dinosaur Land didn’t have very many jobs left and it had become a pretty dangerous place to live.

On that day, King Dump made a decree. From that day forth, the pea-brained Dump roared, only dinosaurs beginning with the letter T would be allowed to live in Dinosaur Land.

Of course, that meant T-Rexes certainly. 

Can you think of any other dinosaurs that began with a T?

Well, King Dump let them stay too.

To read the rest of the story, visit Dragon Toothpaste Stories at atavist.com For performances at schools in English or Cypriot, contact Max at max@writecy.com.