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Her fingers flirted with their bodies like life models and her gemstone knuckles shone with lack of blood.
— Evdokia Charalampous

Evdokia Charalampous sort of snuck up on me with these two short poems, both previously published in the UK, that take potentially nostalgic or melodramatic life moments and just cut to the quick in completely original, exquisitely nuanced language. Out of the sterile hospital room where her grandmother is dying in Giggles, Evdokia finds a point of entry that makes the pain almost a joy to listen to. Poem Found Inside a Dumped Refrigerator is a gorgeous, bitter-sweet reflection on playing sick as a kid. For me, Evdokia's performance was one of the highlights of Open Mic Night 7 and makes her a shining new voice on the Cyprus poetry scene. Recorded live at Prozak Kafeneio on 21 December 2016.



Evdokia Charalampous grew up in Athienou, Cyprus, and completed her MA in Creative Writing at the University of Portsmouth. Her poems have been published in The Poetry Review and in The London Magazine. Her reviews on film and art exhibitions can be found online.


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