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This is the first installment of Comic Book Project Concept Sketches. The idea: every week we'll post some sketches from one of our comic book artists, to show readers what we're up to and to keep a running scrapbook of the whole process. Our goal: to have six original comic books to present at Cyprus Comic Con 2016. 

Our first artist is Heba Rena Yassin, who's teamed up with Sophie Charalambous to illustrate Sophie's comic book script SAM, about a lonely college-aged photographer who sets out on a journey of self-discovery. 


I first start off my reading the character descriptions and story, then try to visualize how the character will look based on that description and draw a few concept sketches, show them to Sophie, we make alterations if necessary, come to an agreement, and decide on the final design. I then start sketching out the page. When the sketch is finalized, I start inking, and coloring digitally on Paint Tool SAI. The text and speech bubbles are done in Photoshop.
— Heba Rena Yassin, 23


Heba Rena Yassin is 23 years old. She has a BA in Fine Art from Hertfordshire University, and a MA in Digital Art and Design from The University of Nicosia. She is currently applying for a PhD. She has a keen interest in the human mind, face and figure and a passion for Japanese art and culture. She enjoys reading and watching series/films. Find her on Facebook at Heba Rena Yassin Art.