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This week's installation of Concept Sketches features the work of artist Ioanna Epaminondou, who is collaborating with writer Ifigenia Georgiou on Ifigenia's script LOST DAYS, about a disillusioned, middle-aged academic whose life is changed by a random meeting in a park. 

Next up: Constantinos Lopez Georgiou, illustrator of Electra Michaelidou's gothic rocker comic STEEL PUNCH. 

Countdown to Comic Con 2016: 3 months, 4 days


Initially, I read the script by writer Ifigenia Georgiou to gain an introduction to her visual representations for the comic. Then in collaboration with the writer we go through rough concept sketches. Once we finalize ideas I will transfer the images onto an A3 paper and start inking the outlines. I will then color with inks, watercolors, acrylics, and color pencils. The lettering with be digitally added in the end with the collaboration of colleagues.
— Ioanna Epaminondou


Ioanna Epaminondou is a Fine Artist, Fine Art Tutor and Co-Founder and Director of the Art Hub Visual Arts Laboratories.

Born in Nicosia Cyprus, Ioanna has been passionate in art from a very young age carrying art materials and sketchbooks anywhere she went. Upon graduating from her Master’s Degree in Fine Art in 2006 from the University College of the Creative Arts in Surrey, Ioanna started working professionally as an art tutor both in private and public sectors while exhibiting personal work in group exhibitions.

From June 2015 to date Ioanna has collaborated with professional Fine Artists Myrto Aristidou and Michalis Antoniades for the creation of the Art Hub Visual Arts Laboratories providing art workshops for any art enthusiast.