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The day was cloudy with dust and outside, a floor down, the usual Saturday traffic. The horns, the exhaust and the sellers at the market barking. No one outside could have guessed what was happening just inside the old walls, a stone's throw from all the noise.   

I've never seen a storyteller so completely enthrall a group of four-to-eleven-year-olds the way Demetra Socratous did on Saturday at her small, but multicultural storytelling workshop at Write CY. The book and the performance reminded me of how magical storytelling can and should be. I can't thank Demetra enough for making the trek all the way from Paphos and dazzling us. It truly was magical.

For more information about Demetra's book and to follow the latest news, visit her at Mary and the White Pea on Facebook.


Demetra Socratous is a drama facilitator, primary school teacher, youth leader and active volunteer in various socio-cultural organizations and groups. She facilitates drama and non-formal education workshops for children and adults on intercultural and peace education, human rights, and emotional literacy. An enthusiastic volunteer, Demetra organizes performances, street theater events and artistic festivals. She also directs children’s performances, is an active storyteller and coordinates and facilitates bi-communal projects and workshops. She has been writing children’s stories and poetry since 2001. She was awarded the 1st prize in the 17th Cypriot Music Competition (CyBC, “Eplanepses me Mana mou”, lyrics, 2008). Mary and the White Pea is her first children’s book.