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5 first-time scriptwriters pitching their first scripts, 3 local producers looking for their next film.

If it sounds a little like a reality show, it was. Except it didn't mark the nadir of western civilization. It was actually just the end of our first short film course at Write CY, and we decided to give our scriptwriters the chance to present their work to three local producers looking for their next projects.

We had some pretty amazing scripts—from down-and-out artists suffering in post-haircut Athens to evil Facebook profiles taking over their users' lives—and some really insightful feedback.

Special thanks—a lot of special thanks—to filmmaker Soteris Christou for accepting our invitation to teach Short Film: From Idea to Script, and for putting together this incredible pitching session. Special thanks also goes to the producers: Janine Teerling of AMP Filmworks, producer Marios Petondas and director/producer Louis Patsias of The Coffee Films. 

Last but certainly not least—these guys finished their scripts in 10 weeks!—the class: Ermina Dimitriou, Marios Nicolaou, Christina Athanasiou, Kypros Kyprianou and Stavrinos Kyriakou. May your names be on marquees around the world soon.

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