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This open mic night is dedicated to anyone out there who's ever had their garbage can stolen. (Read the full story of our garbage can troubles here.)

Or else join us at Prozak Kafeneio for a night of reminiscence, condolence, unwarranted moaning, fiery speeches, well-meaning lies and amplified poetry. We promise you nothing short of a 3-hour spectacle on an empty stomach on par with anything Wagner ever created for consumption in 8 fully fed.

And beer and zivania on a cold night.

And Cypriot haikouthkia.

What more could you ask for?

Seriously what?

For general guidelines, past performances and a stunning mp3 featuring Cypriot celebrity haiku artist Fortino Samano: click here.

As usual, Mr. Samano, a big fellow, will be collecting our €2 donations at a table laden with finger foods and empty beer bottles.