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Poetess, musician and nomadologist Marilena Zackheos is coming back to Write CY Thursday 10 Nov 2016 19:00-21:00 to give a free workshop on nomadology. 

If you're like me and you've left your DeLeuze and Guattari on the bookshelf (forever), nomadic thinking involves creatively subverting hierarchical conventions of society and art.

Marilena will be breaking down nomadic philosophy and showing us how to apply it to our writing, photography and music in transformative ways. There will be philosophy, there will be discussion and experimentation—and because this is Write CY, there may be original projects flowering out of creative partnerships formed on the spot.

We're very very excited to be offering this workshop, and very grateful to Marilena Zackheos for offering it. 

For more information and to register for one of ten spots, click the magic button.