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Comic Book Writing

Scriptwriting basics for comic book writers


Are you a writer who wants to write comic book scripts but you’re not sure how to begin? Or a comic book artist who wants to write stories for the characters you draw? Or are you simply someone who’s always wanted to have a go at writing your own graphic novel for the fun of it? Our 8-class courses in comic book writing for ages 15+ will help you understand the medium, expose you to some of today’s most important writers, and give you the tools you need to write your own script. 

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Our comic book courses are suitable for ages 15 and up and are offered in English and Greek. If you're looking for Comic Book Illustration, get in touch with The Art Hub.


The work of all comic book writers who complete a comic book course at Write CY will be considered for The Comic Book Project.

The Comic Book Project launched its first three issues, Last MomentsLost Days and Sam, at Cyprus Comic Con on 3 September, 2016. Issues 4-6 were launched at Cyprus Comic Con 2017, along with a limited print run of the 48-Hour Comic Book.



Chris proclaims a passion for stories of all types and genres (hey, we don’t discriminate around here!), and is always on the lookout for a good twist. When not writing stories, he enjoys contemplating the ceiling (he says it helps with creativity, or something), winning every single board game ever thanks to his ridiculously unbelievable luck with the dice, and munching on whatever’s left in the fridge. He’s one half of Copper Mouflon, an indie comic book publisher based in Nicosia, Cyprus.


Antonis has been storytelling since childhood. Even as he became a professional musician and composer, he continued to tell stories (albeit a lot of them would be told with sounds rather than words), and use different means to craft them. Along with his friend, Antonis Aristodemou, he opened Ant Comics, the first comics shop in Cyprus, almost a decade ago. It was during this period that he founded the Cyprus Comic Society, a 2-year project that brought local writers and comics artists together. He studied education and has over 20 years of experience teaching in different disciplines and to all ages and group sizes. At Write CY, he is bringing everything together—comics, teaching and storytelling—in his unique Comics Writing class. (Well, everything minus the music, obviously.)


Stella studied illustration in the UK and recently finished her MA in lovely and sunny Cyprus. She’s been in love with drawing ever since she could hold a pencil (proof: her mother cries every time someone mentions “white walls” at home) and she’s über passionate about games (though she can’t beat Chris at board games), comics, anime, cartoons, and movies. In short: if it comes on a screen, she’ll take it. She’s the other half of the indie comic book publisher Copper Mouflon.


Write CY is a Nicosia-based platform for creative writing and community storytelling. We're passionate about opening up the creative writing experience to the public.